NJ CAN 2020’s advertising campaign launched today with voter education aimed at building a fairer, more prosperous New Jersey by ending the prohibition on adult-use cannabis. Residents will finally have an opportunity to vote to change New Jersey’s unfair cannabis laws by voting “yes” on Public Question 1, likely to appear on the back of voters’ ballots.

“The ad campaign strives to emphasize the harms that are being caused by the state’s current cannabis laws – socially, economically, and even medically – while showcasing the potential that cannabis legalization has to help rebuild economies across the state,” said Axel Owen, campaign manager for NJ CAN 2020. “By legalizing, taxing and regulating cannabis for adult-use, we have the opportunity to advance the reforms that our communities need.”

The educational video campaign is built from the diverse coalition’s effort to reach key audiences that may be less familiar with the state’s current laws or the ballot question up for a vote this November. This educational tactic is especially important this election cycle because analysts are anticipating many infrequent voters will participate in the election.

The first ad released today highlights the current economic and social harms of New Jersey’s cannabis laws, while urging voters to take action to “turn the page” and right these wrongs while creating new economic opportunities. Currently, the state spends about $143 million annually on just the enforcement and processing of cannabis possession and results in 32,000 arrests every year – often ruining the lives of those arrested for the minor offenses.

The coalition will continue to put out ads demonstrating the economic and societal benefits of legalization. This positive messaging of growth will be coupled with highlighting the financial waste that the state currently spends on cannabis prosecution, which can be better targeted to more violent crimes and community needs.

“Using our public safety dollars for cannabis arrests doesn’t make us any safer,” Owen continued. “And at a time when the COVID-19 crisis has created massive deficits in the state, a tax on legal cannabis could be a critical tool towards ensuring the services that New Jerseyans want. The Garden State could earn hundreds of millions of dollars per year from cannabis taxes – money that can be used to increase funding for our local schools, communities and healthcare services.”


Ads will continue to show that passage of this proposed constitutional amendment has the potential to add tens of thousands of jobs for New Jersey residents. They will also make clear that a “YES” vote will increase access to medical cannabis, something sought by those in rural areas and veterans.

You can see the videos used throughout the campaign HERE.

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About NJ CAN 2020

NJ CAN 2020 represents a coalition of New Jersey voters committed to creating fairness in the administration of the state’s marijuana laws and cannabis industry. We want to end the prohibition on marijuana in New Jersey and foster a regulated cannabis market that encourages inclusion for entrepreneurs across the state and creates good jobs and a new taxing authority for local governments when they need it most.