The campaign to legalize adult-use cannabis is launching a new initiative this week to encourage New Jersey voters to “Turn the Page” on the state’s cannabis prohibition by voting “yes” on Public Question 1, likely to appear on the back of many voters’ ballots.

For the first time, every New Jersey voter will be receiving a ballot in the mail to ensure they can safely cast their vote in 2020, and it is vital that they understand how to do so effectively. The NJ CAN campaign is reminding voters to “Turn the Page” on their ballot to vote for fairness in the state’s marijuana laws, as well as foster job growth and create equity for new entrepreneurs in the state’s growing cannabis industry.

“As progressives, we need to remind everyone to ‘turn the page’ to pursue an initiative that will greatly impact communities across New Jersey,” said Imani Oakley, from the Progressive Democrats of New Jersey. “This is about leveling the playing field for all New Jerseyans. A regulated cannabis industry delivers economic opportunities for marginalized communities, new jobs for residents, and much-needed tax revenue for the state when it needs it the most.”

Although studies show both use cannabis at similar rates, Black New Jerseyans are 3.5 times more likely than their White counterparts to be arrested for cannabis possession. Our current cannabis laws are ruining lives. A criminal record marks someone for life and makes it harder to get a job, an apartment, a credit card, and even to visit their own children.

“The issue of fairness in our cannabis laws and addressing social justice aren’t just issues important to college students,” said Meagan Warner, former president of the College Democrats of New Jersey. “They’re issues that are important to all our families in the state. We can apply equity in the application of our marijuana laws, but also foster new opportunities for people of color in the cannabis industry.”

Adult-use cannabis legalization is the first of the public questions on November’s ballot, but organizers want to emphasize to voters that they will likely need to “turn the page” on their ballot and vote “yes” to decide the election because the question will likely appear on the back of many voters’ ballots.

According to a recent poll of likely voters from Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3), 72% of state voters believe that cannabis should be taxed, regulated, and legalized for adults, and nearly three-quarters also support ending the collateral consequences of cannabis arrests. The coalition will be utilizing educational materials, mailers, and digital content to educate New Jersey voters on voting-by-mail and to remind them to turn the page on their ballot to address fairness in the state’s cannabis laws.

For more information, visit NJ CAN’s Voter Central where you can register to vote or check your registration, find your polling place, and learn more about voting-by-mail.

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About NJ CAN 2020

NJ CAN 2020 represents a coalition of New Jersey voters committed to creating fairness in the administration of the state’s marijuana laws and cannabis industry. We want to end the prohibition on marijuana in New Jersey and foster a regulated cannabis market that encourages inclusion for entrepreneurs across the state and creates good jobs and a new taxing authority for local governments when they need it most.