The former NBA star and long-time legislative advocate emphasized the need for
expanded medical access and fairer cannabis laws in New Jersey

(NEW JERSEY) — Today, former NBA star and multi-state cannabis store operator Al Harrington endorsed the NJ CAN 2020 campaign in a series of videos urging residents to vote “YES” on Public Question 1, calling for the legalization of adult-use cannabis in New Jersey.

Harrington, CEO of cannabis company Viola Brands and Co-Founder of Village Brands, has been an outspoken advocate for improving equity and diversity in the U.S. cannabis industry. Harrington says legalization will provide new opportunities for New Jersey’s communities of color, who have been most harmed by the unfair and unjust enforcement of the state’s cannabis laws.

“I am proud to endorse the NJ CAN 2020 campaign and to stand alongside the tireless advocates, community leaders, and future entrepreneurs that have led my home state to this critical moment. States across the country are starting to understand how big of a failure cannabis prohibition has been and that realization could not have come at a more appropriate time. I believe that cannabis is life-saving medicine and the lack of access to a tested and regulated product must end. I stand with the NJ CAN 2020 campaign in centering economic and racial justice as we move beyond prohibition. I was born and raised in New Jersey and I am dedicated to supporting the work to end cannabis prohibition here in my home state.” – Al Harrington

Harrington noted that legalization will begin to repair the damage caused by cannabis prohibition and empower marginalized communities by allowing them access to a sustainable, revenue-generating national industry. Passage of the ballot question projects adding tens of thousands of jobs for New Jersey residents, with priority for opening cannabis businesses given to communities of color.

Along with the NJ CAN campaign, Harrington is calling on residents to locate the question on the back of their ballots and vote “YES” on Public Question 1 to turn the page on cannabis prohibition and help create a fairer, more prosperous New Jersey.

You can watch Harrington’s videos HERE and HERE.

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About NJ CAN 2020

NJ CAN 2020 represents a coalition of New Jersey voters committed to creating fairness in the administration of the state’s marijuana laws and cannabis industry. We want to end the prohibition on marijuana in New Jersey and foster a regulated cannabis market that encourages inclusion for entrepreneurs across the state and creates good jobs and a new taxing authority for local governments when they need it most.